Field Trips

At Kent Academy, we make room in our curriculum for experiential learning. On the first Friday of each month, we go out into the community for a school-wide field trip. Our students love to kick off the school year with the annual Kayaking trip, followed by monthly trips that are designed to educate our students about a specific topic or theme each year. 

Since we are a small school located in the Dilworth neighborhood, we are proximate to everything Charlotte has to offer. With Uptown just a few minutes drive away, our students love to visit Discovery Place, ImagineOn, the Children’s Theater, and so much more. We are also frequent visitors to Latta Park, just a short walk from our school. 

Because of the small class sizes, our teachers are able to take advantage of events and resources in our community to share with their students. Individual classes often take their own field trips in order to participate in learning experiences or cultural events that are grade-level specific. 

In addition to school-wide or class-specific field trips, we take our 5th graders on an annual trip to Washington, DC. High school seniors also have the opportunity to choose their destination; prior trips have included skiing in Snowshoe, WV,  visiting Charleston, SC, New York City, and most recently- Walt Disney World. 

We are a school on the go! Please be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with our adventures.

Please note:

  • Kent Academy tuition (Kindergarten – 8th grade) includes all First Friday field trips and all grade level trips (excluding 5th grade trip to DC, end of year trips, etc)
  • Pickup time for field trips is 1:00 pm, unless otherwise noted. 
  • Students are required to wear Kent Academy polo/sweatshirt and khakis for each school and class trip.
  • Classroom teachers will send information about grade level field trips. All Monday-Thursday class trips have a regular pickup time of 3:00pm.