To provide a small school environment with an individualized and integrated curriculum at a more affordable price.

Open House

Come learn more about Kent Academy at one of our upcoming Open Houses: 

Open house dates will be published as soon as we complete our move but please contact us at the link below to learn more about Kent.

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Celebrating 8 Years of Educating! K - 12

2018 -2019 is Kent Academy’s 8th year educating

 Kent is fully accredited by AdvancEd Global Commission

At Kent Academy We Believe In: 

  • Individualized instruction styles for ALL students.
  • The Gifted child AND the child with learning disabilities.
  • Children work toward individualized goals in a classroom of Acceptance, Celebration, and Enrichment!
  • We do not teach to the test… We teach to the child.

Find Us

1819 Charlotte Drive
Charlotte, NC 28203


Phone – 704-996-8283

Fax – 704-372-3603