Anti-Bullying Policy

What Is Bullying? Bullying is a repetitive behavior that abuses an imbalance of power to intentionally cause emotional or physical harm to another person or group of people. Bullying can take different forms, including:

  • Being unfriendly, spreading rumors, excluding, tormenting (e.g. hiding bags or books)
  • Physical pushing, kicking, hitting, punching, slapping or any form of violence
  • Verbal name-calling, teasing, threats, sarcasm
  • Cyber – All areas of internet misuse, including but not limited to, nasty and/or threatening emails, misuse of blogs, gaming websites, internet chat rooms and instant messaging
  • Mobile threats by text messaging & unwanted calls


At Kent Academy, we believe that bullying is, at times, an isolated incident where a student simply lacks awareness of how his/her actions are affecting someone else. In such cases our response will include efforts to raise the student’s awareness of how his/her actions negatively impact others. There are also times where bullying stems from a student’s frequent desire to elevate his own self- esteem by making others feel inferior. We may refer to this as “taking power from someone else” or “making others feel ‘less-than’ – less worthy of respect, of status/popularity, etc.”. Bullying tendencies such as this indicate a lack of self-esteem and feeling a lack of personal power. In these cases, the treatment of the bully will include a recommendation to participate in a program designed to increase awareness, compassion, and feelings of individual empowerment.