Lunch bunch is a reward for students who complete all homework assignments in a given month. The second Thursday of each month will be the day for off-campus lunch for lower and middle school. Students will start each month with 2 hot dogs. Throughout the month, students will turn in their daily homework. Each day that homework is not tuned in, the student will cross off a hot dog next to their name. 

At the end of each month, if a student has at least on hot dog left, he/she will go out to eat lunch at a local restaurant. If both hot dogs are left, the student will get to purchase dessert in addition to lunch. 

Students will receive a note from teachers letting parents know lunch bunch was earned and at which restaurant we will eat. Money will need to be sent in the day the lunch outing occurs and students will order upon arrival. Students will be responsible for their own money (with teacher supervision). High school lunch bunch is unique and information will come from Mr. Nelson.