We love Kent Academy. The teachers are all so caring, kind and considerate of each child's unique needs. This is truly a special place that make every child feel loved and accepted.

Leslie, Parent of Lower School Student

At the time my oldest son came to Kent for third grade, we were exhausted, frustrated and, honestly, defeated. I feared my son would never be able to read and write functionally. Boy was I wrong! That first year, he wrote a page long story and I remember it coming home at the end of first semester and I cried! In a few short months, the lower school team had begun to teach him in a way that he could learn. Consequently, he was making so much progress. Because of the small class size, he got personalized attention and instruction. No longer would he be allowed to fade into the background or stare out of a window. Throughout his years at Kent, these teachers never let him slack or forget the progress he was making. I had the same experience with his younger brother four years later. I have zero doubt that this school changed my son's life and saved our family. Dr. Gardner and the Kent staff will always be family to us!

Meredith, Parent of Lower and Middle School Students

Kent Academy was a saving grace for our daughter Erin. She began midway through her sophomore year and graduated this past May. She came to Kent after living overseas and across country and with considerable anxieties, particularly about attending a larger school. Kent offered a highly specialized environment that allowed Erin to work at her on pace alongside personalized teaching by highly qualified staff. This allowed her to focus and become more self directed and to achieve all of her academic goals. She also enjoyed forming many close relationships with the children in the lower grades as well as her own peers. We will miss seeing the smiles and warmth of our Kent family!

Jaqueline, Parent of High School Student

I have been at Kent for just over five years and in my time there I have learned more than I could have almost anywhere else. The teachers at Kent truly make you want to learn. Every day, I can honestly say I’m going to be interested in what we have to learn. Everyone that works at Kent is incredibly kind. For as long as I’ve been here, I can honestly say it’s the greatest school I’ve ever been to.

Joseph, High School Student

Kent is truly a one of a kind place to send your kiddos. When we found Kent, we had been bouncing around our son trying find to a school that could appropriately cater to his needs. Kent was the school we were looking for. Our son absolutely loves Kent Academy and I honestly feel as though the teachers love him. I think that's the best thing I can say amongst the many is they truly care. Thank you all!

Anthony, Parent of Lower School Student

We found Kent Academy at a time when our family was truly lost. Our daughter was faltering in the public school setting and after a terrible year at a Montessori school we felt we had no where to turn. Her educational experience up until that point left her feeling dejected and defective. Kent was truly the answer to our prayers. They welcomed us with open arms and our daughter spent the next four years in this unique and nurturing environment. The academics were tailored specifically to her and you cannot beat the student to teacher ratio. She excelled with a challenging curriculum that was actually tailored to her instructional level. The magic of this school is difficult to put into words. It is a place that draws wonderful families, caring teachers, and (in our experience) creative students who have the intelligence to think outside the box. The feeling of dropping your child off every morning to an environment that you trust and that has her absolute best interest at heart is priceless. Our child emerged from Kent with maturity and confidence. Our family can never adequately express our gratitude.

Megan, Parent of Lower and Middle School Students

I can not say enough good things to say about Kent Academy and the impact the school and its teachers have had on my child, Emma. Emma had been struggling in public school and despite having an IEP and educational learning modifications, she was not progressing. I had heard about Kent Academy once I began researching schools that focused on children with special needs. What I found was that Emma was either not eligible due to her current academic standing, the class sizes still seemed too big, or the buildings themselves seemed institutional. Hands down, when I visited Kent, I knew it would be the perfect fit for her. The teachers are outstanding and truly care about your child's individual needs, and they are easily able to adjust learning content and speed without additional administrative loopholes. The classroom sizes are small, which means your student receives a ton of additional support required to learn and complete tasks. The school community is so welcoming and inclusive....the building itself is comforting, welcoming and cozy. Since Emma arrived at Kent 2 years ago, she has thrived in so many ways: she absolutely loves and looks forward to school each day, she has progressed significantly in all her subjects, and she has gained confidence to participate in class AND wants to participate....she is a completely different student compared to 2 years ago. As a parent who is well-versed in the educational, social and emotional needs for special needs students (as a former therapist), I 100% am convinced that Kent Academy is not only the BEST school for Emma, but also the best school for ANY children who require a more individualized learning curriculum. I am so excited and relieved that Emma has found a place she loves and is thriving at....and that as parents, we have gained a network of administrators and teachers who will continue to support our daughter's unique learning needs. Thank you to everyone at Kent....you are all amazing!

Trish, Parent of Lower School Student

My son exhibited some learning disabilities and attention issues early on. He spent 6 years in the special needs program in public school and was behind in all subjects, even with the extra help. It was always our belief that he needed extra support, but that he was capable of performing at grade-level. It was frustrating to see him fall farther and farther behind, even with our support, external tutors and the special needs teachers at school. They graded him on modified work, praised him on getting good grades, but did not help him move towards independence and grade-level work. When we were making decisions about middle schools for Elliot, we toured several including John Crosland, and Cyzner. When we toured Kent, I felt it was the supportive environment he needed to reach grade-level work. I loved the level of personal responsibility they taught the kids for getting their work done and enabled them with organizational tools to actually do it. They teach AND play, so the inter-student relationships are strong even though the school is small. The teachers all contribute to the child’s education whether or not they are in the same classroom. Now, at Kent, he gets the individualized attention he needs, and has made up his school work to grade-level (when he started in 5th grade, he was at early 3rd grade math, and 2nd grade reading). He listens to his teachers and gets along with his fellow students. He READS independently!!! He still gets tutoring help, but from his teachers who have collaborated with us on ways to improve his executive functioning. He has done great here, and I am so thankful for all the help the teachers and administration have given our son, and it is wonderful to see him thriving. Looking forward to 7th grade. Thanks, Kent!

Julie, Parent of Middle School Student

I can’t imagine where we would be right now without Kent Academy! When our daughter started school this year at another school, we thought everything was fine, but soon realized it wasn’t. Over the course of a few weeks, she went from reluctantly entering the building to outright refusal and serious anxiety over school. We were referred to Kent by a family friend and we are so thankful we were. Immediately the Kent teachers and staff recognized, understood and appreciated what she was dealing with. From the beginning they were accommodating (scheduled a special tour for us) and uniquely understood our situation (they had other students that had come to Kent for these same reasons). They worked with us to get our daughter comfortable again (which took weeks), back to loving learning and finally building confidence. She ended 3rd grade completely different from where she started it, all thanks to Kent.

Jennifer B.

Kent Academy has been instrumental in our son's education. Coming from a public school setting where every child seems to be put into a standardized box it was very frustrating as parents of a child who didn't exactly fit into their box. Enter Dr. Gardner and the wonderful educators at Kent Academy. Not only has our son thrived at Kent academically but he has also shown exponential growth at home with personal responsibility as well.

Meghan M.

It’s been a relief and a joy to see how our son has rebounded from the bumps of the pandemic and online learning. Your tools, support, and encouragement have allowed him to get back on track and grow academically this year. Having him in a small space has given him comfort, if not confidence to speak up and out to advocate for himself and when necessary, others! As parents, his personal growth and maturity this year has been a source of great pride. Through his experience at Kent, we’ve seen more of who he is as a person: his principles and what he values.

Kim A.

We are very pleased that Cayla is so happy at Kent. It seems that she has finally found her “home.” It’s such a pleasure to pick her up each day & see her smiling & laughing. And I know it has everything to do with the nurturing “family” environment at Kent! As her grandmother, I am so grateful!

Sandi J.

Love this place!! Dr. Jane's excellent administration and guidance gave this place a great start. Add to that some fantastic and caring teachers and you have a great place to learn. I recommend this for any parent looking for a better school for their kids!!

Michael P.

A wonderful learning community where your child is treated individually and not like a number. Dr. Robinson's vision is clear, and the staff, students, and parents get a quality experience! Both my children attend and we love it!

Michelle F.

I cannot say enough good things about Kent Academy! While it was important to find a school that supported our daughter's academic needs, it was more important to find a place where she was cared for and loved as an individual. Kent fit the bill for both! This will be our 7th year at Kent. We attended the Kent Academy for Middle School and we are now part of the Kent High School Co-Op. Dr. Jane Robinson, the Director, is phenomenal and has worked hard to create a place where students and families feel at home. I know that we certainly do! If you are searching for a place where what your child actually learns is more important then their test scores, this could be the place for you!

Beverly M.

Not all children fit easily and readily to society's expectations, especially when it comes to school. Our family had an uphill battle finding the right fit for our daughter.  Public school provides the social outlet she loves but the curriculum churned ahead at a pace that just killed her self esteem, Montessori's lack of structure wasn't a fit and left her floundering and full of anxiety.  Home school would have strained our mother / daughter relationship.  We have toured what feels like every school in Tampa and Charlotte looking for a fit. Many amazing schools, some rejections that hurt, many HIGH HIGH tuition costs.  None of which felt right for our kids.  The solution is different for every family.  For us the solution for right now is Kent Academy.  This is a hidden gem in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte.  They provide the right balance of nurturing and challenge in a truly small and individualized setting.  The staff at this school are honestly serving an important need in the Charlotte community and I am forever grateful to them. If you speak to other parents there they will echo my sentiments.

Megan S.

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